The Spookily Super Halloween Event

Get bundles, boxes and costumes!

Those who have no fear, win! An unnatural mood has swept across all of Atreia - those that can keep their cool now will be able to celebrate, battle and clean up in the Halloween event: there’s daily quests, bombastic buffs, exploding pumpkins and impressive rewards all across Lakrum.

Running: 24/10/2018 till 14/11/2018
NPCs: Esta or Isuta

Daily Halloween Quests

You can complete a quest daily to earn yourself two Transformation Potions! NPCs Esta and Isuta will be waiting for you in the capitals within Lakrum. Pay them a visit and be rewarded! A full list of potential rewards can be viewed further down this news post.

An Hour of Bombastic Buffs

Get 100% more AP and a drop rate boosted by 100% for one hour in Lakrum. You receive the buffs by clicking on the coffin that appears in Lakrum. Activate your buffs as many times as you like – the only catch is that you cannot renew them when they are active.

Explode the Pumpkins

Charging stations for Candy Bombs will appear daily from 6 PM till 11 PM in Sanctum and Pandaemonium as well as on the fields of Atreia. Hunt the Pumpkin Kings in the instances listed below and blow them up with the event bombs – it’s the only way to defeat them!

The bombs can be collected from the Charging Stations for Candy Bombs every 10 minutes (up to a maximum of 20 a day).

Defeat an event boss and you will receive 1 Pumpkin King’s Bundle as well as 1 Halloween Pumpkin. A full list of the instances in which the Pumpkin Kings appear can be found further down this news post.


A list of all details on rewards and the exchange of Halloween Pumpkins can be found here.


Pumpkin King Instances
Mirash Refuge
Garden of Knowledge
Holy Tower
Makarna of Bitterness
Prometun's Workshop
Tiamat's Fortress